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Three Great Bluetooth Apps – Healthcare and Medical Article

Bluetooth® technology is paving the way for app creation and development across all industries, supporting the rise and adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). For the health and medical industries in particular, Bluetooth is increasing the number of opportunities for manufactures to create and develop medical devices and applications for use in the field, and by consumers.

Leading the charge as a simple and secure framework for bringing unique health-monitoring devices and apps to the market, Bluetooth can deliver an improved quality of life to patients and medical professionals across the world.

Check out our pick of three great Bluetooth enabled healthcare devices below:

  1. 3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope

The basic technology behind the stethoscope has barely changed since its invention in 1816. In fact, it was nearly 150 years later when electronic stethoscopes took a shot at improving the basic design using an electronic amplifier and microphone. Unfortunately, those efforts didn’t go very far, but towards the end of 2015, global innovation company 3M announced the game changing 3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope.

With the help of reliable, high-performance Bluetooth technology, medical professionals can use 3M Littmann’s electronic stethoscopes to instantly communicate patient sounds to a computer, allowing clinicians to record and analyse them, or even consult with specialists across the globe in real time. In addition to this, new amplification and ambient noise reduction technologies reduce background noise so that critical body sounds can be heard for better diagnostics.

  1. NapTime Baby Monitor

The first 18 months of parenting is arguably the most time-intensive, leaving little room for quality rest. In an effort to address this imbalance, NapTime, the “first baby monitor that takes care of parents” uses Bluetooth technology to transmit messages from the monitor to wristbands worn by sleeping parents. These wrist bands vibrate alternately to wake parents up whenever the monitor detects their baby is crying. The low energy features of Bluetooth makes this a great device for parents, offering reliability and the ability to finally get some well-deserved sleep.

  1. Nonin 3230 Oximeter

Back in 2013, the Non 3230 Oximeter finger pulse monitor was announced. This device sends data gathered from the sensor via Bluetooth technology to an app installed on consumer smartphone devices. The sensor, which easily integrates into most telemedicine hubs via Bluetooth wireless technology, also sports some interesting features, including CorrectCheck™ to help patients with correct finger placement, and SmartPoint™ to automatically determine when the device is ready to transmit a high-quality measurement.

There have been some great examples of Bluetooth enabled medical devices over recent years, with the above only just scratching the surface. We hope to see many more as times goes on, allowing patients and doctors to work together to make improved health decisions.

For more information on how to develop great apps with Bluetooth technology, visit the website.

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  • Thanks for the list! I have been looking for such apps to install in my smartphone and take proper care of my health.

  • Ok ill check out these devices.

  • These apps listed here are very useful.Thanks for the list

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