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GoodBarber @ Apps World – Berlin, 20-21 April Article

In the last year we’ve witnessed mobile becoming the top media channel, before the desktop web and television. These are both exciting and challenging times for actors of the mobile industry. Gathering momentum in that conjoncture required that we be ever more competitive.

For us, this means, first and foremost, staying true to our ADN, with design remaining at the core of our product. It also means keeping a clear and intuitive interface for our users as we continue to expand our product offering in terms of features and platform functionalities.

New developments

With the app market growing, the GoodBarber platform adapts to new needs. It’s safe to say that social apps are here to stay. With the new GoodBarber Chat feature it is now possible to create a Beautiful Social App, granting even small scale communities access to a space specifically created for them.

To generate always more engagement, the heart of the matter, our users can now experience with two cutting edge notifications triggers: Geofencing and Beacons. Geo Alerts create adhesion because they make for smarter notifications. The interaction with users is bound to occur in a crucial moment, ensuring conversion.

Our Reseller expertise

After one year of experience working with Reseller clients, GoodBarber decided to take another step forward and open the doors to its Beautiful Code, with GoodBarber Open Product.

GoodBarber Open Product aims at targeting developers while revolutionizing the way we look at creating native mobile applications with an App Builder. A groundbreaking approach.

The GoodBarber project base frame covers close to 90% of the requirements for a native application project. GoodBarber is now offering the possibility for developers to add the missing 10% by entering into the source code and creating, with total freedom, the missing elements so that their project fits their clients’ needs a 100%.

It will not only save time but also increase productivity. Besides, GoodBarber Open Product is designed so that the project you create can benefit from future updates of the GoodBarber engine.

A new way to tackle design

More and more designers are using GoodBarber to build and sell Beautiful Apps. With that in mind, we introduced our Open UI Kit format. The first of the series is available for free download at
Our Open UI Kit exemplifies all the navigation modes and sections available in GoodBarber. New UI Kits will be released during the year, to include new features and design details, thus providing designers with ultimate flexibility, to download our templates and work on them, producing a tailored design for their clients and ultimately reproducing it in the GoodBarber backend.

If GoodBarber is first and foremost a platform crafted to enable users with no developing skills to build exceptional native apps, it is also more and more often used by expert users. By paying attention not only to features, but also UX and design, GoodBarber provides developers and designers with the possibility to complete their projects through a time saving platform without compromising quality.

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  • I’m excited for this! Can’t wait to see Goodbarber there!

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