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Augmented Reality Marketing – Next Big Innovation in Audience Outreach? Article

Are you tired of competing for customer attention in the increasingly crowded content marketing space? Are you seeing diminishing returns from your social media networking efforts and finding yourself wondering how to kick your marketing up a notch? One area of innovation that is currently exploding with activity is the augmented reality sector. Facebook has made their intentions clear to double-down on augmented/reality technology over the next 10 years; business owners who want to be on the cusp of trendsetting marketing would be well-advised to follow suit. If you think augmented reality could work for your business, following are a selection of up-and-coming companies within the augmented reality sector you might want to keep an eye on:


Stickar combines augmented reality and Snapchat-style stickers to enable brand storytelling. Companies can integrate animated stickers into their storytelling efforts, including stickers that talk and can interact with readers.



OVA offers an augmented and virtual reality interface that allows users to create immersive content. Whether you’re a marketer wanting to create interactive content for your target audience or an engineer needing to create virtual reality simulations for your clients, you can do so via the OVA platform.



Available for both Android and iOS devices, the Roar app brings augmented reality to mobile devices. Businesses can add augmented reality content to their advertising campaigns which Roar users can discover and share with their social networks. In-development augmented reality options include animations and 3D objects.



ViewAR offers a variety of augmented reality options for businesses that deal in physical products. Companies can use ViewAR technology to help customers visualize products in their own space. ViewAR also offers custom app builds.



If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in augmented and virtual reality, keep RealityShift on your radar. Their site offers the latest information on everything from augmented reality in fashion to virtual reality UX design.



Mage offers augmented reality solutions as a service. If you have contemplated creating an augmented reality app for your business, Mage may be just the solution you need. Features include video overlays, interactive sharing, and cloud-based server storage.


The above-listed companies are just a small sampling of the innovation happening within the augmented reality sector. The more you dig into the cool companies in this sector, the more you begin to see ways your business could use augmented reality to take your marketing to an entirely new level. Will you be considering AR/VR for your customer outreach efforts?

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