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Fresh for Summer 2016 – Hot New iOS Photo/Video Apps Every #SocialMedia Marketer Needs in Their Arsenal Article

Are you a social media marketer constantly on the hunt for new tools you can use to increase attention on your brand? Do you love discovering the hottest new resources before your social promotion competitors? Tracking new iOS app releases lets you uncover fabulous finds before other marketers even know they exist. If you want to upgrade your #visualmarketing output this year, following is a collection of new releases you should add to your #socialmedia toolbox:


The Cameraxis app lets you create stunning social media images for multiple platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Offering an extensive array of filters and templates, this powerful editing app makes it easy to create social media visuals from your smartphone or tablet. Add typography and pattern overlays to customize your images prior to sharing with your business’ audience.


Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is a must-discover app for brand marketers wanting to increase the amount of video their company offers. Features include a powerful video editor, audio overlays, and text customization tools too. With powerful platforms like Facebook and Instagram placing increasing importance on video, savvy brand builders need to double-down on video marketing. This app makes increasing your video output easy.



Offered by TinRocket, the This app is a must download tool for social media marketers. This handy iOS app lets you add everything from image pointers to text tips to your images. Label components within your images, highlight specific places within outdoor shots, or add comical overlays to photos prior to sharing on social media. Once you discover the power of This, you’ll wonder how you ever survived as a social sharing ninja without it.


Monitoring new iOS releases in the photo/video category is a fabulous way to make sure your social media marketing skills stay on point. Will you be incorporating the above-listed new apps into your social networking duties? Comment below!

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