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The ‘Alpha Female’ disrupting the dating app market Article

Amanda Bradford is a woman on the way to the top, a Stanford University MBA with oodles of drive and motivation. However, Bradford’s dating app, The League, has been as controversial as it has been commercial. The League is an ultra-exclusive dating app with a waiting list of over 80,000 people who are then selected using a specially designed algorithm. Bradford doesn’t believe The League segregates based on wealth, looks, and education but carefully ‘curates’ who is eligible enough to enter in the same way as a top university or employer would.

Nonetheless, The League has received criticism with those who believe this is false and that the app is elitist. In a Facebook post one Stanford University student wrote “I am totally and utterly ashamed that this dating service came out of Stanford….is it possible to get more elitist than this?”.  Bradford responded by dissecting the post and correcting the student, arguing that the app and herself should be admired not condemned.

Being career driven, well-educated woman, Bradford wears the tag of ‘alpha female’ with pride. Conversely, this has, at times, hindered her dating life yet wasn’t ready to try standard dating apps as she felt like she needed someone who understood her hectic life style and how important a career was to her. This helped to pioneer the idea of matching powers couples in to creating The League.

Bradford is heading to Apps World North America (May 10-12, Santa Clara) to lead a keynote session on how she has taken The League to the next level on Day 2 of the Mobile Strategy & Marketing Conference. Not just this, Bradford heads a line-up of some of the most influential and innovative Women in Tech  (Enterprise World, Day1 2.10pm).

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