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Exclusive Interview with Nextasoft, CEO & Founder, Alberto Cervini Article

Alberto Cervini is Founder & CEO at Nextasoft, a software development company exhibiting at Apps World Germany. We managed to get an exclusive interview with Alberto on how he sees the future of mobile development in 2016.

What is the key to effective innovation in mobile?

During the last two years 70% of transmitted information is represented by data packets. No wonder if mobile is one of most lucrative tech segment where ICT and TLC companies aim to evolve and invest in R&D for sophisticated breakthroughs.

Predictive analytic technologies, machine learning from self-driven data, mobile application streaming and IoT are the next generation of mobile innovation. Nextasoft uses to develop multiplatform mobile software with stream data processing integrated so that enterprises can manage effective information for business and marketing purpose gaining insights about mobile data that will increase efficiency and productivity.

What impact do you expect IoT to have on the mobile industry over the coming years?

The same way mobile devices and cloud computing have become an essential part of our lives, the internet of things will mostly play a leading role on every activity in the early future. Nextasoft is regularly asked to develop wireless technologies to interact with ordinary objects to improve life quality and get everyday’s actions easier. The perspective of the M2M is attractive and market opportunity so tempting, many entrepreneurs seized the day to have had their mobile software implemented to redesign the standard of living and producing items more intelligent.

Is mobile the new normal? If so how can one be cutting edge?

Contextual intelligence is the answer. Phones are just devices, doesn’t matter how smart hardware get if software don’t step forward. The power of practical artificial intelligence will use smartphone sensors to get data about physical surroundings and conditions, about human behaviour and instant feelings. Dynamic information stored along with the contextual intelligence technology will be elaborated to make decisions for people even before ones thought of the question. Currently, domotic and smart apparel are a clear illustration of mobile software progress, in the early future applications will recognize illness and give it a cure without a hitch.

How can companies be more aggressive in their app development whilst maintaining app and cyber security?

Maintain focus on core competencies having a clear-cut vision of growing prospects, instill confidence in team members and give trust to consumers and shareholders. It’s certainly expensive and it requires time and different engineers to develop an unbreakable cyber security tailored system. All those companies building apps in cloud environments can take advantage from an API-based approach to enhance security functionalities to ISVs while most corporates will benefit from a reliable security service to avoid distractions and keep working on strategy.

Are people taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities apps already offer?

Few years ago users were asked to enter personal data and express a single opt-it or double opt-it consent for sensitive information treatment. Nowadays this process won’t work anymore, we use to develop direct technologies to bypass the proceeding through prediction logics and increase significantly advertisers CTR, that measures the rate of smartphone owners clicks on app’s advertising, and publishers return of investment.

How many people have ever wondered what’s behind a mobile advertising content showing exactly what you were searching for ? That’s called prediction system, it’s mostly based on cookies your mobile browser is saving and on GPS/IP information your device transfers executing real time queries containing even millions of events. In-app native advertising benefits from the procedure, basing on selective demand, for apps and mobile web. Considering that perspective apps offer a large scale of marketing opportunities and new businesses, such mobile advertising networks, are vastly growing to assist industries and consumers in supply and demand scenarios.

What’s the most exciting thing about mobile in 2016?

Ever heard about Rollingspot ? If not you definitely should. It’s a newborn multiplatform software developed to offer a different way to consider freedom by designing life with no limits, incentivate different cultures and habits, create positive energy and new behaviors by rethinking value consumption. Rollingspot connects event organizers whom share own space to plan extraordinary events and attendees, to facilitate their interactions, exchange and real-time networking in loco through a geolocalized search engine and an efficient low-rate flights booking system. Users can publish or browse events around their city or take the suggested cheapest flight to reach a specific one, 24 hours a day. Rollingspot is a Nextasoft startup based on a sharing economy business model and secured by a encrypted SSL certificate issued by Symantec to let users purchase tickets safely. Organizers will get paid 70% upon the tickets sold through Rollingspot private ticketing system allowing multi-tickets sessions and QRcode identification on every digital and paper tickets to be showed at gates that protect organizers from fraud, illicit entrances and control who joined the event in point of fact.

Who is really inspiring you in the mobile ecosystem at present?

Actually, no people inspire me; sensations, sounds and love for my charming partner do it. I spent years from city to city and last 10 months living and travelling alone, far away from places and people I know to give mind the chance to have a pure vision of the way to get, set up and enhance ideas, figure out priorities and working hard to grow my two companies. Today, I move to live from a country to another every 6 months to grab as much enthusiasm I can to drive my business with strength. Before founding Nextasoft I worked few years as web and mobile developer and I always found inspiration for my software from surrounding positive vibrations and the belief to improve things I didn’t like at all. I do not use to follow the crowd and do not consider being inspired by someone is the right approach to dream up and shape something different that will last for years.

What is the main advantage of attending Apps World Germany?

Exhibit at Apps World Berlin is a powerful marketing medium, a unique venue to reach people with interests for mobile technologies and connect consumers to innovative software industries at one go. Networking and generate relevant business contacts is an essential factor of the trade fair so we got the chance to successfully launch our new in-house software and, above all, strengthen teamwork.

Check out the Nextasoft & Rollingspot websites, & the Rollinspot advertising video.

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