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MUNDOmedia @ Apps World North America Article

MUNDOmedia is the premier global leader in digital advertising, specializing in user acquisition through Cost Per Install for mobile focused clients, Cost Per Acquisition for desktop focused clients and Pay Per Call. With office locations worldwide, including USA, Canada, Europe and China, MUNDOmedia is an industry leader in customer service and offers world-class expertise in marketing clients’ brands and growing their business.

Connecting over 30,000 publishers from around the world with more than 2,000 premier advertisers, MUNDOmedia’s team of experts help to identify clients’ needs and develop targeted campaign strategies in order to capitalize on optimal traffic sources. Cutting-edge, proprietary technology helps to deliver ROI-driven solutions, increasing brand awareness and driving traffic on a global scale.

MUNDOmedia works to create unique, customized offers based on the clients’ individual needs, while managing minimal risk solutions for advertisers. Traffic from over 150 countries and territories results in over 20 million unique clicks per day for clients. Highly-trained staff are available around the clock, to help diversify your business and achieve the success you’re looking for. Whether you’re a publisher looking to join a world-leading ad network, or an advertiser looking to grow your business and increase market share, MUNDOmedia will ensure your needs are met with unsurpassed quality.

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