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Rakuten @ Apps World North America Article

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Speaker : Giacomo Lami – VP of Product (Mobile)

Title: The needs of building a mobile ecosystem SDK framework in organizations that manage multiple Mobile applications.

Abstract : In today’s world, building a good stand alone app is not enough. Companies need to aligned to the market and to the fact that the user experience is not just focus on a single feature or application but it expands across multiple. The user experience is a journey. Rakuten offers multiple service to its users and all of them create the user experience. Of course distributed Business units result in building apps with different standards, user experience and often repeated values.

To mainstream the user experience and allows all the products to smoothly flow in the gurney of the users, Rakuten has create an Ecosystem Mobile framework. This allows not only Rakuten apps to share a common layer in terms of features, standards and best practices but also to cross reference or promote each other. If i am a loyal user of one apps, I want an easy way to discover another service and tie the two into my membership

Solo Presentation:

Emerging trends in mobile ecommerce: The latest UX trends in mobile commerce.

Speaker:  Amol Sogal is Director of Mobile Product at Ebates working on their ecommerce platform. He is currently focused on creating the next generation of mobile experiences for Ebates customers and merchant partners. Prior to Ebates, Amol lead mobile product efforts at StumbleUpon and

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