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6 Video Apps You Need to Stay in Touch Article

By Jake Anderson,

Jake is a professional tech blogger. Awestruck by Star trek as a kid, Jake Anderson has been relentless in his pursuit for covering the big technological innovations which will shape the future. A self-proclaimed gadget freak, he loves getting his hands on every piece of gadget he can afford. @_ShoutatJake

The best part of these face to face chats is that they help you forge better relationships with people. Whether it’s with people on your personal or professional contact list, talking to people via video every day—about a progress report or just to say hi—certainly won’t hurt. Looking for the best system out there? Here are some top picks for you and your contact list:


Want something cute and fun? Let loose with emoticons and emojis with Viber, says Digital Trends. If you want the perfect messaging tool for you and your sweetheart or your pals, then give this one a try. You can download as much as 40 stickers for free and use any of them to spice up your conversations or inject humor and cuteness into conversations with friends who live halfway across the world. Adding a little humor here and there gives the words and the conversation the personal touch it needs. Stickers and emojis might not rate that much but they do help a great deal in allowing you to be yourself. It’s an excellent way to customize your conversations and stay as connected to your loved ones as possible.


This is a solid option on the list, with standard features that pretty much work the same way as some of the choices here. However, it’s main selling point is the cheap rates it offers users who want the ability to call up their contacts on their landlines. If you need this feature bad and are willing to pay 1.2 cents for every minute—a good bargain considering some charge more—then keep this one on your must-have add-ons. It’s a good way to get a hold of people who still rely on old-school phone conversations.


Are you an avid fan of video games? Want to be part of a community of geeks who love to discuss ongoing TV shows and debate what will happen in each new episode? You can easily connect to a whole lot of different chat rooms designated by different users and topics. Just be on your guard though. You might also run into a lot of explicit content while you’re there, especially if you go into chat rooms marked for 18 years old and above. If that’s not your cup of tea, explore the rest of this list for more.

Blue Jeans

If you want to upgrade your communication platform and get rid of a ton of hardware that costs a small fortune along with pricey upgrades, you can’t go wrong with this one. Blue Jeans offers video conferencing applications for IT that are on a league of their own. Get solutions that allow you to connect to any system from anywhere, whether it’s a meeting for five people or five hundred employees. User experience is also designed in a way that’s consistent with the system’s past designs, making lag times that much shorter which is great if you’re deploying this as a major communication tool at your company.


You can find another business-centric app in Peer. If you’re set on reaching out to a number of your LinkedIn contacts or wish to get in touch with professionals, a little face to face goes a long way to help keep the conversation on a pleasant note. The downside? It only works in iTunes so if you haven’t got one of those accounts, you’re locked out. It’s either that, or the fact that you need to download the program to even use this. Want other ways to access the app? No worries. It seems the company’s already started to address the issue. With work going on with Google Play as well as desktop versions, it might be coming to your screen sooner than you expect.


You don’t need to sign up for anything. If you have a Google account, you can start using this app right away. Go on a video chat with as many as ten people, says Search Engine Journal. That’s the maximum number of participants in a video call. So if you have a small group, then it’s especially ideal. Share photos and emojis as well as live-streamed video chats to the rest of the group. With a ton of features you and your friends can explore, this entry is a good choice for those who use Gmail a lot and want to make the most of its features. Just a precaution, though. Hangouts does tend to hang at times, especially compared to other apps out there. Also, Google continually rolls out improvements that might mess with your user experience. It’s a good tool, overall. But if you want something reliable that doesn’t give you grief at the worst possible times, then it might be best to look at names on the list that offer much more stable solutions.

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