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How Can Push Notifications Be Used To Increase Revenue and Engagement? Article

Push Notifications can be used a number of ways, it all depends on what you want to get out of it. It doesn’t matter what type of app you have, your main goal is to get people to actually use and engage with it. Whether you’re looking to increase your sales, get more bookings or notify your customers of important offers, updates, features – Push Notifications offer a quick and efficient way to get your message across when you need it.

What is Push Messaging?

Everyone who owns a smartphone will have received a push notification. They’re simply short messages sent from your app to your smartphone. When downloading new apps and opening them for the first time, the user will be asked if they would like to receive push notifications or not. Research by Responsys found that 68% of consumers who have downloaded a business’ app have enabled push notifications.

They are commonly used to alert users on special events, sales, new products and so on. They act as a small, friendly interruption as they pop up on your device’s screen whether the app is active or not, or whether the device is being used or it’s locked. Once received and a user opens the message, it takes them to the connected app or a specific area in the app.

How to Use Push Notifications to Increase App Revenue

Push notifications can be used in a range of different ways to increase revenue. They can be used to promote a new product or service, a special event or upcoming sale, offer personal discounts and more. Geo-location features allow you to send messages to users within a specific location. You can then send highly relevant messages that promote a sale or special offer in a store nearby when a user enter or leaves your defined location.

Targeting your audience allows you to send personalised and relevant content to users who are more likely to be interested and appreciate it. By segmenting your app users into groups you can easily begin to tailor your messages to increase conversions. Send them content they want to hear about and they will convert into paying customers. Targeted push is more effective and leads to more engaged app users. Which leads me on to my next point…

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Using Push to Increase App Engagement

Engagement is one of your main goals as an app developer. What’s the point having an app if users download it, use it once and then never again? According to Localytics, push-enabled users show drastically higher engagement rates, with 88% higher app launches. In addition to that, 62% of users will return to an app the following month if they are being prompted with push notifications, whereas only 32% of non push-enabled users will return.

But what kind of push notifications work best for engagement?

As briefly mentioned above, users will only receive push notifications if they opt-in for them upon opening the app for the first time. Most of the time users will opt-in, so it’s important that you make a great first impression. Once you’ve done that, the user is hooked and your next push message will have a positive impact.

Research by Leanplum found that personalised push notifications saw four times the open rate of generic messages. Segmentation and customisation is recommended as it allows you to alter and create different content strategies depending on the type of user/group you’re targeting.

Limited-time offers are another proven method of maintaining user engagement. If these notifications have an element of personalisation, they’re even more effective. Establish what it is that your users are interested in and what they would find valuable and push that out to the relevant users. Create multiple campaigns aimed at each of your different user groups. This way, you’re aiming at lots of your users rather than just one group and you’ll see higher engagement rates.


When crafted and delivered efficiently, push notifications can help increase revenue and engagement, reducing your churn significantly. Not only will push change how users feel about your app, but their usage behaviours will change too. They will feel more inclined to use your app regularly and even recommend it to others. The more users you have, the higher your engagement and the higher your revenue. Of all of the points mentioned above, mix them together, toss them around and try out different combinations to create the most effective push campaigns for your app. Once you know what works, it’s easy to maintain your current users and engage new ones.

By Taylor Smith

Taylor is a Marketing Assistant at AppInstitute, a simple DIY App Builder for Small Businesses. Passionate about social media, mobile apps and digital marketing.


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