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Infographic: App Store ASO Article

With nearly 3 million apps live on iOS, App Store SEO – or App Store Optimization – has become vital for anyone serious about developing a profitable, long-tail app.

ASO is all about long term, organic visibility. The idea is that by optimizing your app’s metadata, you can stay on top of trends in the App Store that might otherwise pass you by, naturally causing your app to rank for more search terms. More search rankings means your app gets in front of more eyes.

It’s a simple concept, but there’s a deceptive amount of work that goes into a great optimization. You should be thinking about the best words and phrases to target long before your app ever hits the store. Your title, keywords, description, icon and screenshots all factor in, as does the marketing language you use around your app. User ratings are important too, as they’re a strong indicator of reliability when users reach your app page.

What begins as a strong optimization may not continue that way, either. You’ll have to keep a constant eye on trends, keyword fluctuations and outside occurrences that can influence rankings on the App Store, and adjust your metadata to ensure that your app stays on top in search.

ASO can be intimidating at first, but soon keeping your app at the top of the rankings will be second nature. Check out the infographic below for a crash course on ASO essentials, and get cracking at optimizing your app today.

App Store ASO

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