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Messenger Bots: Here They Are To Make Your Life Easier Article

A bot is simply an AI-powered system you can chat with on a platform. It is a software designed to automate tasks for which you would have to make an effort on your own like making an appointment, making a dinner reservation etc. It looks like every app is adding some degree of artificial intelligence these days to be more useful. AI is slowly making its way into our daily lives with chatbots.

We did have chatbots in the olden days, in the form of AOL Instant Messenger. These used to answer your questions but in a less comprehensible manner. And then, we had Twitter bots that automatically responded to your tweets in different ways. Bots are the same thing with better design and more logical answering.

In what ways can these be fruitful?

The bots we have these days are more advanced. While the older chatbots had automated and less logical answers, the new bots can do a variety of things like finding an information, making a purchase, automating tasks like reservations and bookings. Bots are programmed in such a way that they understand your questions and give you relevant answers. Using bots to get a thing done is a more convenient way of doing things, rather than switching apps and getting things done.

Recently, Modiface launched a Facebook Messenger bot that can help you in finding and buying beauty products. All you have to do is- upload a photo of yourself and they let you try on different looks using a combination of facial tracking and simulation technology. You also get knowledge of more than 20,000 products and then you can buy what you like, right in Messenger.

  1. Influencing Sales: Bots are an actually a smarter way of prompting sales. They are no more about simply giving or gathering information. Recently, Taco Bell released a bot that allows you to order and pay for the tacos through an automated chat conversation.
  1. Impact on Buying Decision: Many times, businesses don’t have enough time or resources to provide their customers the unswerving attention and advice they need. Here’s when bots prove to be really helpful to the business by providing solutions to their customer’s problem. Using bots for such purposes, companies can channelize their resources towards other important areas, while providing customers with access to round the clock advice.
  1. Handling Queries: The most efficient way of using bots is being the point of contact for solving customer queries. You can also make a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions, which would in turn help in getting answers easily and saving time for you. Bots look really simple, but they are actually pretty smart and they can remember what the user tells them. This same information can be used as a research data and can be useful in making predictions.
  1. Improving Social Media Impact: Introducing bots for social media like Facebook and Twitter can help brands in achieving better sales and boost the social media engagement of their users. Using bots, it would not only be easier for you to attract customers to your business page, but you can also engage with your customers on a personal level.
  1. Making Payments: You can make your customers use bots not only for answering queries and ordering products, but you can also introduce payment options in bots through which customers can make payments using the bot. Same way, users can also use bots to transfer their money from one account to the other.


Bots are not a recent invention; it is being used by many businesses. Here are a few well-established brands that make use of bot for their business:

  1. Uber: Facebook had launched a way of hailing a ride from Uber without actually downloading the app. Also, passengers were given free ride the first time they used this feature in the app.
  1. CNN: CNN also uses Facebook Messenger to dispense news to its readers. People can now chat with CNN to get a breaking news and also receive details on specific stories by simply messaging CNN.
  1. HP: HP now allows its customers to print photos and documents to any connected HP printer, after creating a bot of Messenger.

Need help with creating bots?

  1. KORE: Kore has a bots platform that design, develop and provide intelligent bots for your enterprise. Their platform is full of robust features and functions to support the most complex bot requirements. Their bots are automatically enabled to process requests execute commands via speech and text.
  1. Botsify: Botsify helps you in setting up your bot easily, right from integrations to making it intelligent. They use a simple interface that helps you create smooth bots according to your needs.
  1. Nimblechapps: Nimblechapps has devised a plan to make bot making simple and clear with cool features and sophisticated interface according to your business and personal needs.
  1. Pandorabots: The team at Pandorabots can help you integrate avatar or speech capabilities. They can help you deploy a bot in any application using the Pandorabots API.

Using a bot makes you feel like you are chatting back and forth with a human. Also, it is a more personalized way of searching things instead of looking up for stuff on Google. Hopefully, bots could replace those dire phone-based automated systems.

By Keval Padia

Keval is a Founder & CEO of Save Contact Form 7 and Nimblechapps, a fast-growing mobile game development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

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