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What’s the differentiation between consumer and built-for-enterprise devices, and what does this mean to developers? Article

How do we make Android the right fit for businesses?

In Zebra Technologies’ presentation at Apps World London 2016, we spoke about Android: It’s Time to Go To Work! with Mark Jolley, Manager, Sales Engineering to address this.

Let’s focus on the real issue: security. How does an operating system built toward ease of use for millions of consumers provide the level of security the top global corporations require?  In a technology space constantly changing and evolving businesses need to evolve and adapt in an agile fashion. Security updates and patches are being pushed more frequently to consumers by Google. But with a fragmented OS like Android how significant is the delay in deploying these updates to devices made by other vendors? How does an enterprise manage the deployment of these updates across a fleet of thousands of devices? Zebra Technologies addresses security through patches for known security issues quickly and by providing a support interface through device management allowing seamless deployment.

In the consumer market, we are seeing things move in a positive direction. The good news is that Google is getting more serious about the Enterprise with Android for Work and updates in Android M and N. Is this enough to fulfill all a corporation’s needs? We at Zebra feel there are additional gaps.

Zebra offers enhanced control over Android such as managed profiles, lock-task mode, and app restrictions—do you really want your employee downloading Angry Birds, or worse yet, a mal-ware infested app? With app restrictions through features like Enterprise Home Screen, a company can limit access to unwanted apps based on user profiles and even shift times.

You want APIs? Zebra has created a software layer with APIs to address these items like user and app profiles, capturing and analyzing data, and staging and managing the devices. Yes, we have the hardware solutions, including barcode scanners, printers, mobile computers and other data capture services to give visibility to an Enterprise’s operations. But while we build the devices and framework, we need developers to build the solutions, especially when you are taking Android to work.

Engage with us through the Zebra Developer Portal. Developers will find a one-stop shop to listen, learn and share knowledge, inquire, problem solve and swap code.

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